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"...poignant and heartfelt tale of love... engages the reader right away, drawing them into the story..." ~ Stephanie, Classic Romance Revival Reviews

"This is a story well worth reading." ~ Fennel, The Long and Short of It Reviews

"This story had everything I love in a romance... A most satisfying read..." ~ Valerie Mann, Got Erotic Romance Reviews

"...a sweet story, but also filled with some teary moments... It's a good and quick read." ~ Jennifer, You Gotta Read Reviews

"This is a beautiful love story. Tender and touching but also terrifying in places... A lovely book and one to keep."

  • ~ Linda from Red Roses For Authors

I truly enjoyed reading this story and will recommend this author whole-heartedly. You Gotta Read Reviews

"Have your tissues ready and your emotions in check, this book is moving. The strength of character that Melanie shows is a role model to any woman that has been abused. The feelings the author evokes with her story are overwhelming at times. I was drawn into Luke's torment and anguish. The romantic feelings between Luke and Melanie are wonderfully melded with their own personal demons to make the story heartfelt and sweet while overcoming their tragic pasts. Ms. Gould offers up likeable, compelling characters and a chilling suspense that keeps the reader turning the pages until the shocking ending. Another winner!" Book Wenches

Infidelity is brilliantly written! Miss Gould knows how to capture ones heart and pull them into her story as well as keep them on the edge of their seats.

This book is a real page turner. Rated 5 Delightful Divas: Dark Diva Reviews

"This reviewer highly recommends INFIDELITY. It is a good read—memorable."

  • ~ Celia Yeary from Writers and Readers of Distinctive Fiction Reviews

INFIDELITY was an AMAZING book to read. I cannot write a good enough review for this book. I highly recommend INFIDELITY to anyone who is interested in romantic suspense. INFIDELITY was the first book that I have read by Debbie Gould. I consider her an excellent writer, and I will most definately add anything she writes automatically to my "to be read" list.

The Long and Short of It Reviews

Infidelity is just what I want in a romance book, it carries me away into fantasy and touches my heart. The mystery of who is still after her, even after her husband’s death keeps the reader interested. Dirty Girl Reviews

The August 2009 issue of Romantic Times Book Reviews for Mountain's Echo.

4 Stars

*The power of first love coupled with heartbreak lays the groundwork for this emotional story. Gould moves from the present to the past so that the characters'relationship can be fully appreciated. At no time, however, is the suspense forfeited for the romance.*

This is a great book. It keeps you on your toes with all the action... The way the story flows makes it hard to stop reading. Red Roses for Authors

Hold on to your seats and to your hearts, Ms. Gould has penned a suspenseful romance that will warm your insides and have you wondering what is going to happen next.... I was drawn into the story and couldn’t drag myself away. Mountain’s Echo is a must read with in-depth characters in a well-written story. Debbie Gould is extremely talented and is definitely an author to keep your eye on. Read the entire review here: Book Wenches

The author will hook you with the first chapter and compel you to hang on and turn pages without thought to the outside world in order for you to reach the explosive climax that no one can see coming. I look forward to reading Ms. Gould's books in the future. To read the enitre review go here: You Gotta Read Reviews

Ms. Gould writes truly sensual loves scenes as well as she takes the reader into the physical pain Maggie suffers at the hands of the powerful drug and gun runners that Jake and Scott have tried to bring down. One more thing, while Trina comes late to the story, she is vital to the HAPPY-EVER-AFTER we all hope for. Mountain’s Echo reverberates the declaration of love that makes Debbie Gould’s story a satisfying read. Reviewed by Camellia The Long and the Short of it reviews

This book is full of great stories. I flew through it, laughed, teared up a few times, and generally, had a great time delving into each world, meeting each new couple, and sharing their journeys. There are so many wonderful stories; I had to give them each a little bit individual attention. This is a terrific compilation of sweet, honest romance like I haven't encountered in a long time

Title: Lavender Heart

Author: Debbie Gould

Summary: Grant needs to heal. He's spent his life saving others, and now it's his turn, but who will help him, now he's chased off the one woman who might be able to love him?

My review: I wasn't expecting a fairy tale in the midst of all the contemporary tales, so when I came across this little gem, what a pleasant surprise it was. There's just enough of the extraordinary in this wonderful tale to make it the perfect mix of sweet and mysterious. Lovely.

Title: Forever Found

Author: Debbie Gould

Summary: Kelly needs stability. Not for herself, but for her son, and she just might have found it in Jason, if she can bring herself to trust again.

My review: Gould has created a lovely story about learning to love and trust again. Even strong, independent women want to know they can count on someone to be there forever, and Gould has managed to create a character that can be her own woman, and crave that little piece of forever that makes life easier. Once again, a lovely story. Dark Diva Reviews



Lavender Heart by Debbie Gould

A really well-crafted tale full of emotion and great visuals.

Forever Found by Debbie Gould

A lovely tale about learning to trust again and realising that not all men are users. Cocktail Reviews

One Touch, One Glance

One Touch, One Glance is a collection of sweet romances that is sure to lift your spirits this holiday. The official release date is December 8th, 2008, but I got a sneak peek at this and just had to share. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and there was enough different styles to please everyone. I am not going to grade every story individually but I will tell you a little about all of them and give the entire book an average grade.

Lavender Heart by Debbie Gould

Beautiful lavender eyes, hidden behind physical scars. He told her to walk away, but she couldn’t and he couldn’t forget the one woman who saw past his hideous exterior to the colors within. Debbie Gould will make you believe in magic again, with this modern Beauty and the Beast story.

Forever Found by Debbie Gould

A single mom, who had been burned by men in the past found it hard to trust any men. Jason is going against the odds to even try, but he needs to help her believe in love again, if they can ever be happy together. As a soldier, he isn’t one to give up without a fight. This is a fast paced romance, but it is certain to tug at your heartstrings.4 Stars

Dirty Girl Reviews


Rating: 5 Cups

Lavendar Heart is a fabulous fairy-tale story complete with a prince and a curse. Debbie Gould twisted a fairy tale of old and created a contemporary story that left me smiling.

Forever Found is an endearing story about new beginnings. The characters were fascinating and as someone familiar with military life, I was enchanted by the story. Jason Miller is a true hero to his country as well as his new wife and son.

Coffee Time Romance